Leisure port of Roanne

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Leisure port of Roanne

Roanne Leisure port: a walk to do during your stay in the hotel

Wander along the leisure port of Roanne

Located a few minutes from the town centre and our hotel, the leisure port of Roanne is where Roanne locals go for a wander. On foot, bicycle or electric boat, this pretty port provides the perfect backdrop for leisure activities. Events are organised regularly throughout the year for everyone’s entertainment. Walking trails along the canal and Loire River lead to lakes that formed in the former quarries. A gentle stroll that invites you to a enjoy a moment of tranquillity by the water.

Found at: The leisure port of Roanne is located 8 minutes from our ACE Hotel.

Leisure port of Roanne
Quai du commandant de Fourcauld
42300 Roanne