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Welcome to ACE Hôtel Roanne - Mably

64 Rooms from 46 €

ACE Hôtel Roanne lies in the town of Mably, close to several shopping districts.

It is an ideal stop-off point for professional trips, located close to major firms like Michelin, Nexter and Gimaex. From here you can set off to explore the surrounding landscape or stroll around Roanne town centre, where you can sample the local speciality, the delicious Praluline.

RN7 - Route de Paris
1 rue Edouard Branly
42300 MABLY
Tel : +33 477692692
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Chambre Chambre Salle de bain Petit déjeuner
Salle de bain
Petit déjeuner

On-site services

  • Extra large rooms & beds
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Better than at work
  • The perfect temperature
  • A dreamy silence
  • A real bathroom
  • A gourmet breakfast